The Bucks County Library Association is a long standing non-profit organization formed to promote conversation and cooperative efforts among the libraries in Bucks County.

Our history begins as the Bucks County Librarians Association, formed in the early 1990s, to advance the interests of library media specialists.  BCLA continues to be a vehicle for professional learning, collaboration and support for librarians of all types.  Membership includes librarians from: public, private and parochial schools; public libraries; college and university libraries; public library systems; and special interest libraries.  Librarians from outside of Bucks County have joined throughout the years and we welcome all libraries to BCLA.

BCLA is organized by a steering committee of at least six members, including a chairperson and a treasurer.  The steering committee plans and facilitates two professional learning events a year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall.  Event themes surround current issues and trends in library media science; past topics have included intellectual freedom, technology, and best practices.  Depending on the theme, the format of our workshops vary from a full keynote speaker to birds of a feather breakout sessions.  All sessions allow for networking and idea sharing that proves to be valuable to library professionals.  As an Act 48 provider, attendees receive professional credit for attending our workshops.

In addition to professional learning opportunities and networking, BCLA also organizes the Bucks for Books Scholarship program, meant to support a high school senior who plans to become a librarian or educator who understands the importance of libraries, shows leadership skills, and is an active member of their community.  This award is presented during the Spring event.

BCLA and the steering committee are governed by an adopted Constitution.  BCLA is currently applying for 501(c)3 non-profit and tax exempt status.  During this process, BCLA reestablished itself as the Bucks County Library Association, although its core principles have never changed.  

Over the past two decades, BCLA has facilitated countless conversations; the organization will continue this work in a relevant and meaningful manner to the libraries of Bucks County.